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Thursday, June 30, 2011

~ it'S ok tO bE singLe :) ~

salam beeps :)

hw's ur life going on? hope tday's better than yestrday.. ^_^

~ em.. i juz drop here 4 a while.. juz 2 share hw's my life going on recently.. urmm.. lately, my life becomes so complicated.. having sorrow inside my heart.. i juz broke up wit my bf.. but it's ok.. i do believe dat evrytg hppens 4 a reason.. rite? evn though ive been single 4 almost a month, but it's ok.. i can feel hw amazing it is 2 be alone.. yeahh! SINGLE IS AWESOME! :)

i juz wanna advice all gurls out there.. nver regret 4 wat u hav been through.. nver cry 4 those who dont dserve ur tears.. bcoz de 1 who deserve it will nver let u cry! remmber dat yaa :)

juz like me.. at 1st, i found myself totally lost when he asked me 2 let him go.. i cried 4 more than 2weeks.. evry single day.. i could let him go from my mind..but not my heart.. so sucks! but.. my frenz n fmily are so understnding.. they had given me words 2 build up my cnfidency.. they asked me 2 keep praying.. n i knew dat Allah will show me de rite path.. n slowly.. i started 2 smile.. :)

actualy, im so thankful 2 my fmly n frenz 4 standg besides me through thick n thin.. love u guys! emm.. n thanx to his family cz still keep supportg me.. i do luv his fmly.. :)

hurmm.. i admit dat im not a perfect gurl 4 anybody.. n 4 dat, from my deepest heart, i would like 2 apologize 2 him n his fmly 4 evry single mistake dat i've done.. thanx 4 evry moments we shared together.. memorable.. i'll nver forget about dat.. :)

so all.. let go of ur past.. but hold on 2 its lessons.. nver takes a prson 4 granted.. do apprciate evry little thing u hav.. n 4 guys out there!!! watch out!!! u can push away a gurl from ur life until she walks away on her own.. BUT MAKE SURE DIS IS WAT U REALLY WANT.. cz when she's gone, she'll nver come back!.. rmmber dat till ur last breath! tq :)