.:im a princess of my own way:.

Monday, August 8, 2011

~ tired.. ~

im so tired when guys keep asking me "would u like 2 be my gf?" or evn ask "dun u wanna hav a bf?". im sick of having a srious rlationshp.yup! im totally finished!. im tired of guys around me. im tired of guys who dun evn put a little trust on me. im tired of guys who nver admit their own mistakes. im tired of guys who keep asking me 2 respct them but they nver gve some rspect 2 me. im tired of yelling at guys. im tired of getting mad. im tired of guys who alwys being bossy n think dat they r prfect enuf. im tired of guys who simply judge me b4 they knw me. im tired of guys who luv 2 make me cry when they dun dserve 4 my tears.

im juz a simple gurl. yup! i used 2 be a vry complicated prson b4. alwys made an easy thing became so trouble. i knew dat i was quite queen control n nvr gave guys chances 2 hav even a small conversation wit other gurls. but dun they knw y i bcame like dat??? coz im totally tired of LIARS! i trusted on guys but they cheated. i was vry loyal 2 de person i loved but they didnt knw hw 2 apprciate me. i luv them wit all my heart but they simply betrayed me. n coz of dat sucks, i become who i am now.

heart broken makes me suffer. heart broken makes me stronger. heart broken makes me tougher. im not simply trust on guys anymore. hard 2 fall in luv. juz having frenship wit any1 i like. dun need 2 be hypocrite. nver let them take me 4 granted. easy 2 be my fren but difficult 2 be my lover. easy 2 get closer 2 me but difficult 2 touch my heart. 4 guys who once had been a part of my life, i'll nver turn back on u. nver ask me 2 fall back in ur arms. i've grown too strong. i learned 2 live half alive. aftr some1 i luv de most had running away leaving scars. im still sad coz of him. it takes a long time 2 heal. juz 2 feel alrite.

im mybe alone but IM NOT LONELY. i juz need a man who needs me. i juz need a man who nver let me cry cz of him. i do need a man but not now. im juz recovered. my heart is still empty. no more space 4 having luv twards any guys. starting frm now on, im deeply luv only myself, my fmly, my frenz n my single life. coz IM SO TIRED OF BEING TIRED WIT U GUYS! (-__-')