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Saturday, January 28, 2012

~ Moment on 27th January 2012 ~

Assalamualaikum.. Hye peeps! There's soooo long since I haven't update my blog.. quite been busy lately.. Im studying now.. As a bachelor of accounting student in UNIKL Kg. Baru.. Almost a month.. i've been here.. Im so exciting and glad that Allah makes my life easier.. Thanx Allah.. Alhamdulillah:))

Urm.. last Friday (27th of January 2012), i got first prize in "Pertandingan Jom Tulis Cerpen Anjuran Karangkraf & Usahasama Kelab Prostar".. Im so thankful dat my short story (Cerpen) had been chosen as the winner for this competition.. The title is 'Hutang Rm 247.25'.. I've been interviewed by Sinar Harian and also Remaja.. So, dont forget to buy Sinar (i thought it was yesterday) and Remaja (next month or on March) to know the whole story.. Plus, my story will be published in a " Antologi Cerpen: Saya Hidup Positif, Anda Bila Lagi" that will come out on April, if im not mistaken.. So, plz support me and dont forget to get this book yaaa.. thanx allzz :))