.:im a princess of my own way:.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

salam guys! im here again.. juz 2 update my ordinary blog.. as usual :)

hw r u? hope all of u are doing fine.. insyaAllah.. May Allah bless all ur days alwys.. :)
n me.. im juz fine.. huhu..

actually, i dunno wat thing i shud write down here.. cz im freaking hungry now.. so, quite difficult 2 think.. hahahaha.. dun be like me yaa,, hihi :p urm.. honestly, i would like 2 share my hepy life dat i juz got lately.. im juz knowing some1 very sweet.. his name? let it be my secret first.. heee :p.. he's a vry easy going person.. em.. very nice.. funny n easy 2 get along wit him.. but i prefer 2 be frenz 1st cz it takes me a long time 2 heal.. :) i do luv de way he try 2 get closer wit me.. vry gentleman.. huhu.. it's ok.. too early 4 me 2 think about my future.. only Allah knows da best thing 4 me.. i juz put sun in my day n stars around my life 2 bright up my whole way.. let bygone be bygone.. my past mistakes do teach me how 2 be a better gurl.. n already turned me 2 a new leaf as well.. :)

so.. juz put aside those sadness.. fill up my heart wit luv n care dat people had given 2 me.. n im growing up as a much3 better person..:) 4 gurls out there; DONT BE A WOMAN WHO NEEDS A GUY.. BE A WOMAN DAT A GUY NEEDS.. adioss!!;)