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Sunday, January 9, 2011

~ jEng3...~

Today is my first class.. in KPTM BANGI.. nothing interesting to share about.. juz I had a fever for almost 4days.. im feeling bored n stress.. but today, im recovered..thanx GodJ

Hurm.. I miss my family, frenz n my bb.. I miss all of them so much.. I feel empty.. it’s so hard 4 me to be alone here for dis semester.. I don’t know why.. I hav no beautiful life anymore.. I juz could go to college for study, then back to hostel.. dats all.. I hate to be like dis.. but I know dat sooner or later, I’ll be ok.. insyaAllah..

Juz now, my lecturer said, “ if u have any personal problem, u come to college, u should leave the problem at the guard or juz hang it at the top of college gate. U enter your claz, u concentrate on your study and be happy.. then, when u wanna back to hostel, u pick up your problem back and u can proper think how to solve it. Every single problem must have its own solution. Dats the best way how u can give your fully attention on study.. it’s not for me, but only for your own good,”

Yeah! Absolutely agree with her..i have to act like dat.. my goal for dis semester is 4.0.. so, I must work hard and smart to achieve my target. If i got any problem, i juz have to pretend ok or juz act like I don’t care at all.. stay smile.. and be a good MuslimahJ


N I S A said...

nice to blogwalking here!

Pr!NceSs... said...

hee.. tq yaa:)